Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Consultancy required for Conducting an End-Line Assessment Research Study on Girls’ Dropout from schools in District Muzaffargarh



Education is considered as a key factor in overcoming barriers that women face and the means for empowering women and bringing them into the main stream of development, but unfortunately the high levels of drop-outs at the primary, middle and secondary school level remain the milestones of journey through school education. Women and girls in Pakistan suffer the most in terms of social and human development.  The girls are either not enrolled into school or are withdrawn at puberty often to undertake domestic duties.

Although, many studies and surveys have been conducted in Pakistan about high dropout rate but no specific study has been found in context of South Punjab, and more specifically of district Muzaffargarh. During 2009, Awaz CDS, from its own resources, conducted a pilot small scale research study to assess dropouts of girls from public schools in district Multan due to early age marriages. This study was carried out in 23 urban, rural and semi-urban schools of the district.  According to the findings,  7 % of the rural girls (age between9-16), dropped out from schools due to early age marriages. Through this proposed project, AWAZ intends to scale up its research at wider level in most deprived district of South Punjab i.e. Muzaffargarh and identify other key causes of girls’ dropouts from schools. The project further aims to build an effective advocacy campaign to address identified issues. Main objectives of the project ‘Educating Girls’ Transforming Communities”. are:


  • Increased availability of evidence-based knowledge and factors behind girls’ dropout from schools in District Muzaffargarh ;
  • Improved and deepened knowledge and action of target communities to reduce girls’ drop outs in their early schooling years;
  • Improved realization and understanding among policy makers and government officials to work on reducing dropouts of girls in their early years of schooling; and
  • Improved and accessible schooling facility for girls in targeted areas/ schools.

Scope of Work

For achieving the project objective of generating evidence-based knowledge and factors behind girls’ dropout from schools in District Muzaffargarh AwazCDS-Pakistan will engage consultant for end-line assessment first to measure the extent of drop out of school going girls after two years and secondly, improvement in physical factors e.g. missing facilities in schools etc. This assessment will enable us to assess the objective and goals whether they are achieved or to what extent is improvement in it .Like the baseline assessment a questionnaire will be administered in the same two hundred schools for collecting quantitative figures. For this activity a consultant will be developed an end-line Assessment report including learning document and improved status of retention of girls in schools. Consultants/firms are required to submit their Expression of Interest as per detail assignment given below in the tabular form and also mention the consultant cost including all other applicable taxes. Organization will bear all other expenses related boarding/lodging etc.

Time Frame


Sr. # Name of Assignment Number of Days for Consultancy Time Frame
1 Consultancy for Data Analysis and Report Writing of End line Assessment Research Study  20 5 Days for developing research tools.15 days for data analysis and report writing.




Tehsil # of High Schools # of Middle Schools # of Primary Schools              Total
Muzaffargarh 16 40 16 72
Kot Addu 14 29 16 59
Jatoi 06 15 16 37
Ali Pur 04 12 16 32
Grand Total 40 96 64 200
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