Who we are

Established in 1995 as not for profit organization registered under Societies Act 1860, ever since, AwazCDS-Pakistan is striving for socio-economic development and political empowerment of marginalized communities especially women and young people across Pakistan. AwazCDS-Pakistan follows rights based approaches for sustainable development, poverty alleviation and achieving SDGs.

Through our research, advocacy and campaigns component, we lobby with people in power to put concerted efforts for realization of equal rights of women. Ensure fulfilment of human rights which are universal, inalienable and indivisible; which women are entitled to equally. These include; live lives without violence and discrimination, enjoy both physical and mental health, attain education up to their fulfillment, own property, can vote and earn equal wage to be able to lead dignified lives based on equality.

Under our education program, we work towards improving education and economic empowerment in Pakistan. We focus on literacy, access to education for all, especially girls through community engagement to enhance quality and equity of education systems, through basic and secondary education, life skilled based education, entrepreneurial and vocational education and political and civil rights education.  Our expertise in the field of education ensures that people all over Pakistan have access to learning through sustainable partnerships with local organizations.

Our health program focuses on two key areas, basic health and sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The basic health component aims at creating awareness and promote healthy practices for dealing and management of various diseases. While, the other key health component – sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for and aware communities of SRH being fundamental human right, instrumental to alleviate poverty, vital to education, crucial to end discrimination and essential for improving long term health.

Our Environment and Climate Justice program serves as catalyst through which social justice be integrated into sustainable development and promotes and urgent action to prevent climate degradation based on community led solutions. Key sub- thematic areas of this program are; Water Security and Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Reduction.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Program includes, conflict prevention, conflict resolution and management, Conflict Resolution in Natural Resource Management peacebuilding education as strategy to sustain relationship among people at local/ community levels.

Through gender, governance and accountability program, we focus on ending violence against women, empowerment through promoting socio-economic and political rights based approach especially through entrepreneurial skills development and their indolent in income generating activities. This program includes Political Empowerment of Youth and Strengthening Electoral Processes.

Through our Civil Society Strengthening Program, we promote fulfillment of human, women and children’s rights through the support and in collaboration of civil society. We also work for good governance with the civic participation of civil society as agent of change through expanding citizen’s awareness and engagement in civic processes, strengthening networks and coalitions for collective social development, promoting government transparency and accountability to citizens integrating governance across development sector.