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Contract for Consultancy for Manual Development and Training workshop of Parliamentarians

“Sanitation Rights and budgetary allocation”

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Parliaments have a crucial role to play in various national development processes including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). As representatives of constituencies where they have been elected, they are also mandated to speak on behalf of the poor and other vulnerable groups, to ensure that development plans related to WASH are informed by the real priorities on the ground. In practice, they are expected to adopt requisite legislation, approve budget allocations, and exercise oversight over expenditures. However, parliaments often have limited independence, knowledge and resources to perform their functions effectively. As a result, the role of parliament in improving the effectiveness, impact of government financing and shaping WASH strategies that reflect the concerns of the people tends to be overlooked or in most cases weak. With this constraint to parliaments, Sanitation related development approaches in Pakistan are mostly shaped and driven by various interest groups. This problem is exacerbated when local communities have limited ability to continuously engage with their representative in parliament in seeking progress on how their views and concerns are being handled as well as following up on promises that are made government at the international level and during their election campaigns. Now one activity is aiming to design a manual on Sanitation Rights, budget allocation and capacity building of Parliamentarians on Sanitation as a right.

Main objectives of the training are to “Engage Parliaments for understand Sanitation rights, budgetary allocation on sanitation and budget tracking specifically allocated for sanitation.

Scope of Work

AWAZCDS-Pakistan aims to hire services from a consultancy firm who will design a manual Development on Sanitation rights and training of parliamentarians on Sanitation Rights and will provide the manual and training report.

Expected Outcomes


The consultant must be able to deliver the quality services within the stipulated time frame and as a result the role of parliament in improving the effectiveness, impact of government financing specifically allocation for sanitation and shaping Sanitation strategies.

Time Limit


Manual Development and training of Parliaments on Sanitation Rights will be completed in 6 days on 13th- 18th July, 2015.


Venue: PC BhurBan.

Time Frame

Sr. #

Name of Assignment

Number of Days for manual development, Training Workshop and Report Writing

Time Frame


Consultancy required for manual development and 2 days Training Workshop of Parliaments on

“Sanitation Rights & Budgetary Allocation”

06 Days(22nd to 27th July, 2015)

03 days for manual development, 3 days for training of parliaments and report writing.

 General Guidelines

Gender/ SRHR Focused

Training contents should be gender/SRHR sensitive. Facts and figures should clearly define the number of males/females/transgender/others in the beneficiaries when and where needed;

Assumptions & Risks

It is assumed that the service provider who undertakes this assignment understands the importance of it and will be committed to the work, and is competent to deliver as required. It is further assumed that AwazCDS-Pakistan will fully support the service provider. Risks noted herein include the inability of the service provider to meet the deadlines, unforeseen internal and external structural as well as natural aspects that are beyond the control of both parties.

Copyright & Ownership


The developed training material will remain the property of AwazCDS-Pakistan and it will not be shared with anyone else before submission.

Official Language of the Document

Official language of the training material will be Urdu & English as per need.

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Last date to apply for this consultancy is July 14th, 2015. Please send your expression of interest including cost to


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