Quality Assurance & Accountability Mechanism

Complaints, incidents and feedback

AWAZCDS is committed to work in an open and responsible way that builds the trust and respect of all our stakeholders. AWAZCDS is striving to meet the highest quality in its development and humanitarian programming and seek to work with affected communities and populations in the best way possible.

To ensure continuous improvement of our work we are open to all complaints about our work in the areas where we operate. We do, however, encourage that comments and complaints about our work are raised and discussed with responsible AWAZCDS staff members and managers as close to the activity as possible.


AWAZCDS shall handle complaints and incidents with respect to confidentiality in a timely manner. The facts and nature of the complaint or incident, the identity of people involved and the investigation records are confidential. Only a limited number of higher management person shall know about it.

Please Use the form bellow to submit your complaint. 


Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM)