Senior Management Team


Name:  Zia Ur Rehman
Designation: Founder & Chief Executive
Qualification: Masters in Mathematics & Postgraduates Diploma in NGO Leadership & Management with a specialization in Strategic Planning Postgraduates Diploma in Social Enterprise Development with a specialization in Managing People’s Organizations. 
Experience and expertise

Zia ur Rehman is a social & human rights activist since his young age when he founded, AwazCDS-Pakistan in 1995. He is performing his responsibilities as Chief Executive of the organization since 1995 and utilizing his leadership skills in the management of the organizational affairs smoothly.

Zia Ur Rehman is well known as development advocate and lobbyist, civil and political rights activist, writer and poet in the development sector especially in Asia and around the globe. He has conceived and conducted many studies on different social issues related to women, girls and young people and their rights in Pakistan. He is member of different National, Regional and Global Networks and has the credit of representing the organization at various Regional and Global platforms including United Nations.

He remained served as Global Steering Committee member of Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships –TAP Network, Global Council member of Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and Facilitation Group member of Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD).

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Name:  Marium Amjad Khan
Designation: Program Team Lead
Qualification: MPhil Applied Psychology
Experience and expertise Marium is a Program/ Campaign Manager in Awaz Foundation Pakistan and has an experience of around 8 years in development sector. She has joined the AwazCDS-Pakistan in 2013 and has served under different positions. Her core expertise is the management of SRHR/SGBV related programs

She is an advocate for the rights of women, person with special abilities, transgender community, young people’s including education and reproductive health. As an advocate, Marium has worked to promote awareness on curtailing discriminatory practices in communities and doing policy advocacy for bringing constructive changes in current policies on early age marriages, domestic violence and endorsement of girls’/women empowerment with equality. She is a vigilant advocate for girls right to quality secondary education, she is advocating for better governance, financing and accountability mechanisms in education sector in Pakistan through NGOs, education champions, policy-makers, parliamentarians, media and community people. She is also a National Focal Person for Pakistan Development Alliance to work together with 100+ civil society organizations for making SDGs a reality in country. She is also leading Ujala Network for building movement on SRHR across the country.

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Name:  Huma Aziz
Designation: Manager MEAL & HID
Qualification: English Literature and MSC in Gender and Women Studies
Experience and expertise Ms. Huma Aziz is associated with the Development Sector from last 10 years. She has served as Health Promoter with Merlin International from 1st Sep, 2010 to 31st May, 2011.  She has joined AwazCDS in June, 2011 currently performing her responsibilities in organization as Manager Monitoring Evaluation Accountability Learning & Human Resource and Institutional Development.

She is also working as Focal Point of Pakistan Development Alliance National Secretariat.

During her employment career with the organization, she has been managing different projects on women and youth health rights with special focus on their reproductive health & rights.  In her recent role as Manager MEAL & HID, she is responsible to support multi-functional team and develop, recommend and monitor program’s implementation. She also contributes in the development of monitoring tools, frameworks and due diligence and performance assessment process of the partners. She is also managing the Human Resource Section of the Organization.

As a National focal point of Pakistan Development Alliance, she manages the interventions and campaigns related to the SDGs, remains in close coordination with Pakistan Development Alliance members. She is managing the Alliance by inviting new partners for the membership, engaging members as per their expertise, organizing their meetings and sharing the relevant updates and information to keep all members engaged in the Alliance.

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Name:  Shafqat Ali
Designation: Operation Manager
Qualification: MBFinance
Experience and expertise

Mr. Shafqat Ali has 13 years’ experience of working with different organizations. He has served as Finance Officer with Mustashaar Social Development Advisors from July, 2006 to June, 2013, as Finance Officer with Community Uplift Program from Aug, 2013 to Sep, 2016.

He has joined the AwazCDS-Pakistan in Sep, 2017 and performing his responsibilities as Manager Operations. He is leading the organizational logistical and procurement processes including auction, tendering, working as Secretary of procurement committee, managing the internal purchases and procurement for the Organization and ensures that quality equipment /material are procured within the budget;

He is also managing different Vendor’s and building linkages with new vendors across the country.

He also assists and coordinates with Finance Unit in setting and reviewing programs budgets and managing cost. He ensures his efforts for the smooth administrative Operations of the organization.

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Name:  Syeda Mujeeba Batool
Designation: Gender Advisor
Qualification: Master Degree in Genders Studies
Experience and expertise Syeda Mujeeba Batool is human rights activist and specializes in advocating for women’s and child rights. She has over 20 years of experience in development sector. Her experience mainly concentrates in gender and development, women, children and human rights, minority rights, peace and interfaith harmony program planning and management, development, research, advocacy communication, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building. She has several researches on her credit regarding women’s rights, girls education, honor and child marriages, transition to girls secondary education, women and migration as well as has done academic research on “Mera Jism Meri Marzi: Sexuality and Moral Construction of Pakistani Society.

She is published author of two academic articles in two international  journals Her “Historicizing Feminism in Pakistan” has been published in an Indian Journal “Feminist Research” ( and another “Bringing the Focus Back: “Aurat (Women) March and the Regeneration of Feminism in Pakistan” has also been published in the International Journal of Women Studies. Available at:  In addition, have translated a book, “Feminism for the 99 %: Manifesto” by Cinza Arruza, Thithi Bhatacharya and Nancy Fraser into Urdu language which was published periodically on Digital Platform,  Hum Sub  لبرل فیمینزم ناکام ہو چکا – Page 2 of 4 – ہم سب . She has Master degree in genders studies and is a gold medalist from Quaid e Azam University. She is a certified trainer and has conducted dozens of trainings on gender mainstreaming, inclusion of women in development projects as social safeguard consultant at PPAF.


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Name:  Shazia Nawaz
Designation: Advocacy Lead
Qualification: Master in Gender Studies
Experience and expertise She is serving development sector from last 10 years and advocating to drive change at the local and national level by identifying, collaborating with key stakeholders to promote Gender equality and fundamental rights of all children, young people, men, women, transgender and elder community.