Awaz Foundation – Pakistan with the help of its Funding Partner Care International is initiating a project to enhance socio-economic development in Punjab, focusing on youth and rural women. Awaz Foundation will implement this project as it is leading community development non-governmental organizations having extensive experience in the designing and implementation of community based economic empowerment programmes including the technical training and entrepreneurship skills focused on women and youth. As Provincial Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) possess great capacity in promoting and providing demand driven technical education and vocational training, Awaz Foundation along with its funding partner would like to work in close coordination with TEVTin Punjab in the efforts to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its workforce and develop dynamic training programmes.

Project title Enhancing socio-economic development through investing in human capital in Punjab

Project Objectives An overall objective of the project is ‘to improve the relevance, quality, access and equity of TVET services for the women and youth in rural areas of Southern Punjab’. The project specifically aims ‘to Increase access of Rural Women and Youth to income generation opportunities through innovative TVET approaches’.

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