Social Mobilization Project – Institutional Development

AWAZ started its Social Mobilization Project in September 2009 in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. The project aimed at mobilizing the vulnerable and marginalized communities of 176 poorest of the poor villages of District Multan for their greater and active participation in community development. It further aimed to empower them socially, economically and politically. AWAZ formulated 480 Community Organizations during the reporting period and built their community based management skills. As a result of AWAZ extensive capacity building initiatives, total 217 Community Organizations saved PKR 13, 58, 505 and established several micro-enterprises through internal lending. As a result of awareness raising, 5288 new community members got Computerized National Identity Cards and 70 women got PKR 840000 from Benazir Income Support Program. In coming years, AWAZ aims to introduce innovative ways of tracking poverty and its reduction. It mainly includes determination of poverty score cards at households level, strengthening existing community volunteerism, providing livelihood opportunities to poorest of the poor communities especially women and build their linkages with other civil society organizations and government line departments.

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