Climate Leadership for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (CLEAR) Project

AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Center for development service with the collaboration of Lead Pakistan implementing this project in Sher shah town-Multan. This project is needed to address the urgent and growing threat of climate change facing poor and vulnerable communities in Southern Punjab. The project will empower civil society to effectively articulate demand for an enabling policy environment whereby poor communities can adapt to climate change and reduce their vulnerabilities. The project will address lack of capacity, lack of effective models, low and ineffectively articulated public demand for the Govt. to act, and a lack of awareness among vulnerable communities as to their rights in relation to climate change. It will not only empower communities to take action, promoting a bottom-up approach to policy making, it will also undertake micro-adaptation projects (LAPAs) through communities and CSOs, in coordination with local Govt.

Learning Objectives

  • Increased awareness about Climate Change issues at regional, national and international level and clear understanding of the science of Climate Change.
  • Better understanding of predicted Climate impacts and the associate risks
  • Better understanding of the effects of Climate Change on human health and environment.
  • Better understanding of the role of communities in Climate Change mitigation planning and implementation.
  • Better understanding of strategies, policies and plans prepared at the global level, Regional level and their implication/compliance at National level. Increased knowledge of best practice in terms of adaptation actions relevant to planning actions.

Expected outcome:

  • Communities and CSOs will have greater understanding of Climate Change and Climate discourse in order to prepare their actions plans;
  • Develop LAPAs for grass root level initiatives
  • Availability of new technologies and alternative livelihoods options for the poor, for decreased vulnerability to climatic changes;

Major Activities:

  • Coordination Meeting With Government Irrigation and Agriculture Department for identification of area and focal person
  • Awareness Session about Climate Change
  • Dialogue session with beneficiaries of LAPProject
  • Plantation of Draught resistance trees at selected areas.
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