Parwan Program Evaluation-1

This report is a summary of a baseline survey of selected civil society organisations (CSOs) in Pakistan’s Sindh and Punjab provinces. The survey was designed to address specific criteria and requirements outlined in the NWO WOTRO Call for Proposals in 2011. The data presented in this report was collected during in-depth consultations with participating CSOs in Islamabad and extensive field research that took place in September and October 2012. The conclusions given in the report are solely the responsibility of the authors. The NOW- WOTRO Call for Proposals consisted of three main components and each component is addressed in this report:
• An examination of three Southern Partner Organisations (SPOs) progress towards specific Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Good Governance: Section three of the report provides an in-depth analysis of the three selected SPOs, namely Lok Sanjh Foundation, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum and Awaz CDS. These organisations were implementing projects that
addressed five of the eight MDGs (1, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and the theme of Good Governance.
• review of the capacity development levels of the selected SPOs using the criteria set out by the synthesis team: One additional SPO, namely SCOPE, was added to the three SPOs for an assessment of institutional capacity development. Section four of the report presents the summary of this review.
• An assessment of the civil society strengthening carried out by the programme: This was based on a further set of criteria by the synthesis team and an established approach developed by CIVICUS. This analysis required an additional four SPOs to be chosen (see 5.1 for list of all chosen organisations). This is summarized in section five and a detailed explanation of the survey findings are presented in the six annexes of the report.

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