Parwan Final Country Report

This study was undertaken by Rutgers WPF as part of its UFBR program in order to measure the outcome after a period of two years of conducting activities related to this initiative. The main objective of undertaking this Outcome Measurement activity in Multan and Quetta was to provide the local teams there with an analysis of the progress in the various components of the program as well as to highlight the challenges and way forward.
The objectives of the UFBR program are given below:

1. Increased capacity of young people, women and marginalized groups to make safe and informed decisions on issues concerning relationships and sexuality, to deal with gender power relations and to seek quality, comprehensive SRHR services and information
2. Increased capacity of civil society organizations to manage SRHR education and services interventions
3. Increased quality of and access to comprehensive SRHR and SGBV services for young people, women and marginalised groups.
4. Policy dialogue maintained or increased in favour of SRHR in civil society organization’s countries and/or the region.

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