TORs for consultancy work

Terms of References for Consultancy for URAAN (Youth in Governance) Project to Strengthen Citizen rights and Democratic Process in District Multan

AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services, a leading Non-Government Organization working for securing the future of marginalized communities in Pakistan. AWAZ is seeking Expressions of Interest from experienced Consultant(s) who can carry on following consultancy activities in the Project titled “Youth in Governance”. The main focus of the project is to strengthen citizen rights and democratic process in Pakistan, with a special focus on District Multan. The project interventions aimed at improved participation of young people in civic and democratic processes to strengthen rule of law and conflict resolution, improved social service delivery mechanisms and strengthened state and society relation in the district. Strengthening democratic process and realization of civic rights through youth empowerment, Youth empowerment for an improved social service delivery system, strengthening citizens’ complaint/feedback mechanisms for increased accountability and rule of law are the expected changes that we can take through this intervention.

AWAZ management team aims to engage the services of consultant who will use both primary and secondary sources to develop three (3) Capacity Building Toolkits/Manuals for the youth of District Multan.

Detailed description of assignment(s) is given below.

Assignment 1:

Development of Capacity buildingmanual  for the capacity building of elected youth councils and district assembly members.

 Scope of Work and Expected Outputs:

Consultant is expected to developa training toolkit  comprised of three different manuals required for training of youth council members at Union Council (UC), Tehsil and District levels as per defined project scope. . Thesemanuals  willconsist of modules /chapters related to civic rights, local government structures, citizen’s responsibilities towards state, role of young people in promotion of democratic values and civic rights  etc. These manuals will be used by AWAZ teams for conducting126 training workshops of 3 days, 11 training workshops of 5 days and 1 training workshop of 10 days for UC, Town and District level youth councils respectively.

 It is expected that the consultant will deliver three capacity building manuals of following specifications, which would enhance youth’s information and knowledge on democratic and civic Rights.

  1. One manual for 3 days capacity building workshop for UC level youth councils
  2. One manual for 5 days capacity building workshop for Tehsil level youth councils
  3. One manual for 10 days capacity building workshop for District level youth council


The consultant must submit the first draft of the toolkit within 10 days after signing the contract and the final draft within 10 days of feedback received from AWAZ. The consultant will     accommodate at least two feedbacks from the donor for finalizing the manuals.

 Assignment 2:

 Development of toolkit for awareness of communities on democratic and civic rights.

 Scope of Work and Expected outputs:

toolkit/ manual will be developed for use of youth council members to enable them to launch awareness raising campaigns for general community members in their localities regarding their civic rights. For this purpose consultant will sit with range of stakeholders to first identify community’s issues and then finalize the toolkit. The youth council / assembly members will use this toolkit / manual and arrange 756 awareness forums regarding people’s civic and democratic rights, legal support for the community members and information about service delivery institutions as well as complaint redressal mechanism in all 126 union councils and consequently capacity of 75600 community members will be built.


The consultant is expected to take 04 days for this assignment.

All assignments must be submitted as per given timeline and the final draft within 05 Daysof feedback received from AWAZ.

 General Guidelines

  1. Gender/ SRHR Focused

Training contents should be gender/SRHR sensitive. Facts and figures should clearly define the number of males/females/transgender/others in the beneficiaries when and where needed;

  1. Assumptions & Risks

It  is  assumed  that  the  service  provider  who  undertakes  these  assignments understands  the  importance of  these assignments and will be committed to the work, and  is competent  to deliver as  required.  It is further assumed that AwazCDS-Pakistan will fully support the service provider. Risks noted herein include the inability of the service provider to meet the deadlines, unforeseen internal and external structural as well as natural aspects that are beyond the control of both parties.

  1. Copyright & Ownership

The developed training material and tools will remain the property of AwazCDS-Pakistan and it will not be shared with anyone else before submission.

  1. Official Language of the Document

Official language of the training material will be in English as per need.

  1. Apply by

Last date to apply for this consultancy is December 20, 2014. Please send your expression of interest including cost to AWAZCDS Logistics and Procurement Unit through courier or by hand.