Supporting Transparency Accountability & Electoral Processes in Pakistan (STAEP)

STAEP (Supporting Transparency Accountability & Electoral Processes in Pakistan) is a project run by FAFEN (Free & Fair Election Network) in collaboration with its partner organizations all over the Pakistan. The STAEP project is being implemented by AWAZCDS in two districts Bahawalpur and Muzaffargarh in eight constituencies; NA-183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 178, 179 and 180.
The focus of the project is to enhance the effectiveness of Government in addressing the critical challenges now facing Pakistan by increasing citizen’s participation in ensuring transparency & accountability of elected & Public Institutions.
This project aims at improving efficiency & efficacy of Public Institutions through active citizen engagement & citizen action through participation in Governance. The project is implemented through following activities.
1. Governance Monitoring
2. Advocacy on Issues through Constituency Relation Group (CRG) at Constituency Level
3. Advocacy on Issues through District Governance Group (DGG) at District Level
4. Practical implementation of Right to Information
5. Community mobilization to participate in election and
6. Election Observation
Under this project of STAEP, FAFEN has launched a nationwide initiative to monitor governance processes. Objective information about governance processes is vital to encourage informed engagement of citizenry with elected & public institutions for progressive outputs. This Governance Monitoring aims to enrich the public debate on governance and develop research-based recommendations for reforms.
The constituency relation group advocates for the issues at constituency level on the service delivery & process related issues. The District Governance Group (DGG) advocates for process related issues at district level. The group follows the departmental hierarchy to get addressed issues of their constituency. The group also incorporates Elected Representatives & media in it’s advocacy campaign.
The citizens use Right to information under article 19-of the constitution to ensure practical implementation of the law incorporated in the constitution of Pakistan.
The Group mobilize community to ensure their participation in Electoral processes by getting register their CNICs, & Vote & then to cast their votes effectively.
In Election observation the transparency of elections is observed through trained volunteer observers in General & By-Elections.

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