Strategic Plan

AWAZ Strategic Plan may look like an ambitious one and in today’s world when changes have been occurring uncertainly, and strategies are required to be revisited after short intervals of time for survival and growth, one may ask why we have set strategies encompassing ten years? The history of the organization answers for that. I still remember the day one of this organization when I along with few of my friends laid down the foundation of this organization more than a decade before with no resources but a little experience of development sector and a great enthusiasm & commitment. At that time the mission of the organization was set to address the socio-economic disparities of marginalized communities in southern Punjab. After the struggle of more than a decade the practical wisdom gained by the organization has become the added value to its new vision, mission, objectives and strategies for better future developmental actions. The wide range of learning and action by implementing grassroots mobilization and development initiatives to policy level research, lobbying and advocacy campaigns and successful implementation of relief and rehabilitation programs in earthquake effected areas have given encouragement and built the confidence of leadership and of whole team of AwazCDS-Pakistan to set a long term strategic direction for more better outcomes and impacts of organizational developmental actions. However we have suggested a tri-annual review of this strategic plan to make it adhered to the changing environment and situations.

The struggle which was started by few in one village of District Multan has now stretched in almost whole of southern Punjab with the support of its 112 VDCs, 27 PARCs, 32 Sehat Committees and SDCs, which have been addressing community issues related with their basic needs and rights. During the previous long journey of hopes and despairs AwazCDS-Pakistan has built her institutional, relational and strategic capacity to gear up for the future course of developmental actions propose din the present plan. For this the whole credit goes to all who have remained the part of our team for longer and even for a shorter period of time. I especially recognize the role of Board of Directors, friends from different civil society organizations and support institutions, who have provided us necessary guidance in our development endeavors.

AWAZ has following strategic plan

  • Strategic Business Plan (1998-2002)
  • Strategic Business Plan (2003-2007)
  • Strategic Business Plan (2008-2017)

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