Policy Research, Advocacy and Partnership Development Program (PRAPD)

Programme Focus: 2008-2017

The Programme aims to foster the movement of bringing change in the lives of the poor by conducting policy research, carrying out Issue-based advocacy and strengthening partnerships among stakeholders at various levels.


During last few years, AWAZ has re-positioned itself to accomplish two main tasks with respect to policy research, advocacy and partnership development. First, it facilitates the research, development of pro-poor social, economic and political policies and advocacy for relevant rural policy options by working with local, national and regional member countries. Second, it continues to explore the regional dimensions of policies that pertain to the vulnerabilities faced by rural people by continuing to foster partnerships and encourage dialogue between SAARC countries. AWAZ has continuously engaged itself in conducting qualitative research, analyzing different situations, promoting public debates, dialogues and consensus building processes and then creating informed population for democratic and political alternatives.

AWAZ research and advocacy model has three-pronged strategy which includes facilitating informed decision making among community and government stakeholders, investigating research and its dissemination to create enabling environment and project based research and advocacy. To nurture its agenda under this programme, AWAZ mobilizes people through educational institutions and youth and already established /trained, community based organizations and network of People’s Awareness and Rights Committees (PARCs) that cater the base for these campaigns. To nurture its policy advocacy agenda under this programme, AWAZ mobilizes people through educational institutions and youth and already established /trained, community based organizations and network of People’s Awareness and Rights Committees (PARCs) that cater the base for these campaigns. AWAZ has a vigorous network of 53 PARCs (714 volunteers) which is equally functional across 15 districts of South Punjab and facilitate various advocacy initiatives.  During the reporting period, AWAZ achieved another milestone and was selected for regional coordinator-ship of Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) movement. GCAP Pakistan was nominated as best with 3 others in Asia & Pacific. As a national coordinator AWAZ made the case of poor significant at national level through number of evidence-based policy advocacy initiatives carried out in collaboration with other NGOs and civil society organizations.