Peeny kay Saaf Pani ka Hasool Mushkil Kiyun.......?

Peeny kay Saaf Pani ka Hasool Mushkil Kiyun…….?

study was conducted by AWAZCDS in March 2008 to assess the quality of water provided by the Water And Sanitation Authority (WASA) through water purification plants. WASMultan has installed 15 water purification plants in Multan and study carried out by AWAZCDS with the technical support of Pakistan Council for Research on Water Resources (PCRWR) reveals that 11 out of 15 water purification plants are producing water which UNFIT for drinking purpose. This is worth mentioning that government had planned to install more than 7000 water filtration plants across the country but only 542 were installed to date and those are also failed to produce purified water,

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