Today, AwazCDS-Pakistan has been operating in the whole of Pakistan with the help of its highly trained and well experienced team members who are professionally committed and serving at its Head Office at Multan and National Campaign Secretariat in Islamabad. AwazCDS-Pakistan core service delivery related programs are being implemented in south Punjab, whereas all its Advocacy & Policy related Programs are being implemented across Pakistan. AwazCDS-Pakistan during the first decade of its existence, worked for the marginalized communities of South Punjab on a variety of social development issues: including customs and practices, economic, political, rural development, urbanization, environmental hazards like nuclear waste management and livelihoods as well as on tribal and traditional societies. network of people, civil society organizations and development scientists evolved and increasing support from the donors provided for the further growth of the organization. It is during this period also that seminal work on rural characteristics, best and replicable social development practices, concentration on niche products, environmental hazards, advocacy, lobbying and networking with emphasis on women issues, and the nature of area poverty itself was undertaken.