Job: 2 Reviewing Punjab Sanitation Policy and Giving Recommendations for its Improvement


 AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services is running Keep Your Promises on Sanitation (KYPS) campaign at national and provincial level with involvement of community of District Muzafergerh and District Vehari to make government of Pakistan to Keep its promises on sanitation (KYPS) it has made on different international and national forums. The KYPS campaign aims to influence the decision/policy makers to devise the separate budget line for sanitation sector at all levels and to Increase 5% budget allocation for the provision of sustainable sanitation services. The campaign key asks are to ensure at least 20% increase in existing budgetary allocations specifically for poor and marginalized communities and hard to reach / low coverage areas to address equity in sanitation services. The campaign will mobilize more than 200,000 people at grassroots level to create demand on right to sanitation as committed by the government and related stakeholders under SACOSAN and MDGs. For this, different advocacy tools like formation of citizen rights groups in community, Tehsil, District, Province and national level, lobbying, postcards , theatres, one to one meetings, TV & radio talk shows, engaging concerned officials etc will be organized at various levels.

For making this campaign and advocacy tools more influential and concrete Punjab Sanitation Policy will be reviewed and recommendation will be given to improve it by AWAZ which will be shared with concerned stakeholders.

Scope of Work

AWAZCDS-Pakistan will engage a consultant for this assignment. Consultant will be primarily responsible for reviewing the Punjab Sanitation Policy (PSP), recommend changes, presenting the findings of Punjab Sanitation Policy (PSP)  to stakeholders and will share the final report after incorporation of comments/suggestions of participants for its improvement which will ultimately bring positive change in sanitation situation of Pakistan

Time Frame

Sr. # Name of Assignment Number of Days for Consultancy Time Frame
1 Review of Punjab Sanitation Policy (PSP) and Recommendations 5 Last week of January, 2014 – first weeks of Feb, 2014

Expected Outputs of the Assignment

Review report of Punjab Sanitation Policy (PSP) and recommendations contributing towards PSP improvement

Presenting the findings to stakeholders and incorporating the suggestions/comments in final report

Gender/ SRHR Focused

Facts and figures given in review report should be gender sensitive. Facts and figures should clearly define the number of males/females/transgender/others in the beneficiaries when and where needed.

Assumptions & Risks

It is assumed that the service provider who undertakes this assignment understands the importance of it and will be committed to the work, and is competent to deliver as required.  It is further assumed that AWAZCDS-Pakistan will fully support the service provider. Risks noted herein include the inability of the service provider to meet the deadlines, unforeseen internal and external structural as well as natural aspects that are beyond the control of both parties.

Copyright & Ownership

Said assignments will remain the property of AWAZCDS-Pakistan and will not be shared with anyone else before submission to AWAZCDS-Pakistan.

Official Language of the Document

Official language of the document will be English.

Deadline for Applications

Last date to apply for this consultancy is February 05, 2014. Please send your expression of interest including cost on along with consultant’s profile