Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

Program Focus 2008-2017

The Program aims to make evidence-based knowledge accessible to and usable for local partners (VDCs and PARCs), policy-makers and development advocates and practitioners


AWAZ has accumulated a wealth of experience in information archiving and exchange and carved a niche for itself in IKM in the southern Punjab through the activities of its two major components i.e. material collection from other sources and by conducting and publishing social research studies. AWAZ has processed and distributed about 20 technical and general publications within a decade, developed and maintained a library, and introduced AWAZ website, among diverse other IKM activities. IKM program is an area of high priority for AWAZ in terms of fulfilling its functions as a multidisciplinary documentation centre based on systematic exchange of knowledge and experience, and as a focal point for training. The activities provide an essential basis to other programs of the Foundation. In many cases they are an integral part of the program activities themselves. Information and Knowledge Management represents the main public interface of AWAZ with its users in the Southern Punjab and beyond. Knowledge exchange provides the platform by which program activities reach a broad group and have an impact; it contributes considerably to poverty alleviation and to redress inequality prevailing in the area.