Human Resource Mamagement (HRM)

Programme Focus: 2008-2017

The Program aims to address the plight of the people living in extreme poverty by building the capacities of members of Vaseb Development Committees (depriving of educational facilities), members of the People’s Awareness and Rights Committees, Civil Society Organizations (national and international) already working or interested to work in the area and AWAZ Staff.


The programme aims to reduce poverty through enhancing productivity of human resource in South Punjab. AWAZ organizes need based training programmes and exposure visits for the targeted communities and their voluntary groups (especially VDCs and PARCs). The programme ultimately enables communities to influence the policy-makers and government functionaries for the sake of their basic human rights. AWAZ adopts three-pronged strategy to achieve its programmatic objectives i.e. Organize technical and non-technical training workshops for target communities for their area specific developmental needs Provide training opportunities and exposure to AWAZ staff to enable them to cope with their job requirements Launch internship programme for the young University graduates to overcome HR deficiency in Southern Punjab

AWAZ believes that capacity Building is much more than training and includes the following: Human resource development, the process of equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively;

Organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures, not only within organizations but also the management of relationships between the different organizations and sectors (public, private and community).

Institutional and legal framework development, making legal and regulatory changes to enable organizations, institutions and agencies at all levels and in all sectors to enhance their capacities.

AWAZ also believes that a well-trained and skilful human resource is always a basic need of any kind of socio-economic development intervention, and HRD caters it through AWAZ’s in-house team of professionals through supporting all organizational projects / programmes in a smart way.

Last year, AWAZ with support of Oxfam (Novib), successfully established its ‘Social Action Research and Training Institute’ (SARTI), which has started serving the Foundation in achieving its research and institutional strengthening goals. AWAZ has equipped it with region/ area specific modern training materials and action research techniques to foster social and economic development needs.

The institute not only fulfills training needs of our mobilized communities, but also provides research evidence to policy advocacy initiatives. It is potentially lucrative venture that remained un- exploited specifically in Southern Punjab in the past. In future AWAZ is planning to rely on it for organization’s self-sustainability and to attract a variety of clientele.