Evaluation Report 04-07

Evaluation Report Integrated Community Development & Empowerment Program (2004-09)

AwazCDS is a non-government organization working in the Southern Punjab to improve the living conditions of the people, especially of the poor. AwazCDS approach to development work is participatory and right based. It is about raising awareness, capacity building of people, communities and their organizations and to strengthen the civil society so that they can express and advocate their issues to achieve their rights. This report presents an evaluation of this program for the last three years and an assessment of the organizational capacity of AwazCDS.

The methodology used in the evaluation is predominantly a qualitative rather than quantitative in nature. It is participatory and inclusive. Meetings were held with groups of people and open ended questions were discussed. The respondents include both women and men. All the stakeholders including the beneficiary communities were given the opportunity to express their views. The evaluators include one male and one female. The findings and recommendations presented here are based on discussions and analysis of these meetings.

The poverty and human rights situation of the southern Punjab is appalling. Major portion of the population is living on subsistence agriculture. huge majority is either landless or with small landholding, which is not sufficient to sustain a family. Health, education, water and sanitation and other public infrastructure is either absent or in very bad condition. The cultural practices are discriminatory and extremely harmful for girls and women. The abuse of human rights is a common phenomenon. Again, women are the victims of these abuses. They are the ones who are much less equipped to protect themselves from these abuses. AwazCDS’s program concentrates on the advocacy of this issue.

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