Citizens’ Voices on Voluntary National Review & Status of SDGs in Pakistan 2019

Pakistan is a country where democratic governance, culture, values and practices are still weak due to its geo-political situation and economic vulnerabilities. War against terrorism, subsequent natural calamities like earthquake in 2005 and country wide floods in 2010, 2012 and 2014 further provoked the socio-economic and political challenges.  Therefore the attentions towards collective and inclusive […]

Impace of Early Age Marriage on Girls, Right to Education

Impact of Early-Age Marriages on Girls Right to Education

Early age marriage of girls is not only violation of their right to education but at the same time girls are deprived of their right to childhood, health and choosing husband of their own choice. It can be considered as a dilemma of our society that a woman is shipped into certain type of traditional […]



An Overview of Livelihood Patterns and Related Gender Issues in PATCommunity of Southern Punjab AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Center for Development Services (AWAZCDS), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Multan, commenced a study to have a comprehensive overview of livelihood patterns and gender issues attribute to it among PATcommunities of Southern Punjab. Before commencement […]