AWAZ-Assessment by Simiotichs 2011

AWAZ-Assessment by Simiotichs 2011

Awaz is a Multan based organization, working in Multan, Vehari, Alipur, Taunsa, Kot Addu, and Janpur. It has organizational chart and job descriptions are available in written form. Awaz was originally and continues to be a rights based organization advocating for rights. However, following the floods of 2010, they are and now providing high level services in the flood affected areas. Due to the emergency response responsibilities thrust upon it as a result of the floods, Awaz’s long term agenda projects are now moving slowly.

Policies on financial & logistics exist. Policy manual does not address disaster. Strategic Plan (2008-17) has been revised to incorporate disaster aspect. However, the same can be reviewed and further improved.

Prior to disaster there were no large procurements involving tenders, but afterward procurements even worth Rs. 2-3 crore were made. Awaz is partnering with CARE, Concern, PPAF, WFP, UNOCHA, OxfamNovib, EU and others; however, there is no policy to guide these activities in disaster.

Staff working on disaster projects receives time to time orientation on projects but no other training. The disaster projects staff does not have time to read policies and understand them as since disaster things have been going haphazard and Awaz is responding to immediate needs.

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