Completed Programs

Projects Donor / Partners Starting date Ending Date Category  
(mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy) Beneficiaries
Received Stationary c/o Aurat Foundation Aurat Foundation      Networking  
Ahmad Pur Sanitation Project (APSP) TVO SAP-PAK 01.11.1998 30.11.2000  Water Sanitation and Hygiene  
NCE (SAP – PAK)     Networking  
Christian Study Centre (CRC) CRC     Education  
Youth Awareness Campaign for Peace & Social Harmony (YAC) HBF HBF     Education More than 6000. (65% females)
Integrated Capacity Building Program (ICBP) Oxfam Novib 01/07/2002 30/06/2004 Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
Integrated Community Development & Empowerment Program (ICDEP) 01/07/2004 30/06/2012 Advocacy & Social Mobilization 150,000 HH

Served 0.1 million beneficiaries (directly) and 0.5 million Population indirectly

HCB Oxfam Novib      Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
Awaz Mother & Child Healthcare Centre (AMCHC) TVO     Health 600 per quarter since 2011
(IPHP) Plan Pak. PLAN     Health 14,159 direct
(SLGDI) National Democratic Institute NDI      Political Awareness (Gender, Governance and Accountability) 5000 direct
Social Mobilization Program ( 1D) PPAF 01/08/2009 Continue… Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
Social Mobilization Program ( Exposure)     Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
Social Mobilization Program ( CPI) 01.07.2009 30.06.2012 NRM  
DRR Relief Program (DRP) CARE CARE 01/01/2006 31/03/2007 DRR  
Women Awareness & Post-earthquake Emancipation (WAPE) CARE 01/10/2006 31/03/2007 DRR  
(Scale Up) CARE 01.05.2011 28.02.2012 DRR  
Gender Sensitivity DRR Preparedness (GSDP) 15/04/2013 14/01/2014 Health  
(DRP Health) CARE 15/08/2010 30/06/2011 Health  
Awaz Model Home Shelter Project (CBHA) CARE 15/01/2011 31/07/2011  DRR  
Cash for Work (CFW) CARE 10.01.10 – 17.11.14 02.28.11 – 16.04.15  Food Security and livelihood  
supporting access to family planning and post abortion care (SAF PAC) 06/01/2013 Continue… Health  
Enhancing socio-economic development through investing in human capital in Punjab (TVET) 01/11/2012 Continue…  Technical And Vocational and Education and Training (GG&A)  
Women Economic Empowerment Community Infrastructure Improvement Project (WEECIIP) 01/08/2010 Continue…  Food Security and livelihood (GG&A)  
PEFSA-IV (Improving Food Security and Reducing Malnourishment in flood affected population. 11/02/2013 31/12/2013   Food Security and livelihood (GG&A)  
Mobile Medical Service (MMS) 20/09/2014 19/12/2014 Health  
Sanitary Workers WECCIP 14/09/2014 31/03/2015  Women Empowerment (GG&A)  
(LSBE) World Population Foundation (WPF) RutgersWPF     Health & Education  
(SRHR) World Population Foundation (WPF) & EU     Health & Education  
(D4L) RutgersWPF 01/10/2011 Continue… Education  
PARWAN 01/01/2011 Continue… Health & Education  
ASK 01/09/2013 Continue… Health & Education  
(WASH) CWW     DRR  
(DFID) CWW     DRR  
(DRP) CWW     DRR  
(GCAP) UNMC, CIVICUS, Oxfam Novib GCAP     Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
Beyond 2015 CIDA     Advocacy & Social Mobilization  
(EDU) Oxfam GB Oxfam GB     Education  
(ERF/RAPID) Response International Response     DRR  
(World Food Program) WFP WFP     FS & LH  
IRD IRD      Farmers Support program (Food Security and livelihood program)  
(Long Term Election Observation & Oversight in Pakistan) TDEA/FAFEEN TDEA/ FAFEEN 01/01/2013 30/04/2014 Electoral Education  
(PFR) Help Age Help Age 09/09/2013 16/12/2013    
Educating Girls’ Transforming Communities (EGTC) DAI 15/01/2013 Continue… Education  
Citizens’ Voice Project “for Improving Water Rights of Rural Communities” TAF 20/04/2012 19/05/2013  NRM  
Community Restoration Project (UNDP) Ali Pur UNDP 01/05/2011 31/07/2012 NRM  
Community Restoration Project (UNDP) Mianwali UNDP 01/11/2011 31/07/2012 NRM  
Supporting Transparency accountability and electoral process in Pakistan(STEAP) TAF 01/05/2011 Continue…  Political Empowerment of Youth  
Women Rights and Emancipation Project (EU) EU 01/07/2004 30/06/2006  Women Empowerment  
Global Exchange Program (GXP) British Council British Council 01/01/2009 31/10/2009  Youth empowerment through Education and awareness  
Active Citizens (British Council) / CLEAR British Council 01/07/2010 Continue…  Youth empowerment through Education and awareness  
Take a Child to School British Council 01/09/2013 28/02/2014 Education  
Keep your promises on Sanitation Campaign WAP 15/09/2013 31/03/2014 WASH  
LCG WAP 01/10/2014 30/06/2017  WASH  
URAAN EDACE – DAI 01/07/2014 31/03/2015 Education  
Shell Project (Food Item Distribution) SHELL     FS & LH  
AWAZCDS (Re-imbursement) by Diff. donors / individuals / Bank Profit AWAZ      Networking  

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