Author archives: Ishfaq Khalil

  • AwazCDS-Pakistan has installed 34 solar tube wells (19 in Alipur and 15 in Mianwali) at different locations in Tehsil Alipur District Muzaffar Garh (Pakistan) with the financial support of United Nation Development & the Govt. of Japan.
  • The Civil Society Perspective on Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report (PMDGR- 2010) has been prepared through a process of consultation. The process has been enriched through a series of consultative meetings in all the provincial headquarters by involving Government officials/ decision make[...]
  • AWAZ initiated Women Economic Empowerment Community Infrastructure Improvement Project with the technical and financial support of Care international and CIDA for the socio economic development and empowerment of rural women, who are widows, divorced, separated and are sole earning hand for their fa[...]
  • The value chain assessment aimed at identification of potential beneficiaries, alternative livelihoods and infrastructural projects needed in the target villages in the aftermath of 2010 floods, with special focus on women. The study focused on rapid assessment of existing livelihoods of p[...]