Auction Notice Dossier

Tender Ref#: ACDS/LPU/MA/AUCTION/01/2017

Auction Notice Dossier

Awaz Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services intends to Auction used office furniture, equipment and appliances on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis.

  • Items to be auctioned can be inspected at below given office premises between 9 am to 5 pm from 12th of May 2017 to 19th of May 2017.
  • Sealed bids on prescribed bid form available in the auction notice dossier with CNIC of the bidder should be reached at the prescribed office address on or before May 19th 2017 by 12 pm Pakistan Standard Time.
  • For bid form and other details of terms and conditions please visit website

Important Notes:

Bids on prescribed bid form must be sealed and should reach by hand or through registered post or courier service before 12.00 PM on 16th May, 2017 at AWAZCDS-Pakistan Extension H.O Jhok Fazal o Balqees, near Shahs Shamas Park, Eid Gah Road, Multan. The envelop should be clearly marked “Tender Reference: ACDS/LPU/MA/Auction/01/2017 .The bids will be opened on Friday 19th May, 2016 at 2 pm in the presence of bidders if anyone wants to participate.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The bid on attached prescribed form should be accompanied with a copy of CNIC of bidder. Bid without copy of CNIC and on prescribed form will not be entertained.
  2. All kind of applicable taxes will be borne by purchaser.
  1. pay order/demand draft in favor of ‘AwazCDS’ with a value of 5% of bid amount must also accompany the bid as Bid Guarantee. Bids received without pay order/demand draft may be rejected.
  2. Offered price will have to be deposited by successful bidder within three days, failing which the bid shall be cancelled
  3. The release of bid items to the successful bidder(s) will be made on the spot within working days&hours after receiving the full payment of the bid price.
  4. Bids may be for one or for more than one vehicle/motor cycle but attached prescribed bid form should be submitted for each bid type/item separately.
  5. Unsuccessful bidders will be informed through mail or telephonically
  6. Pay order/demand draft of unsuccessful bidders will be returned within seven working days after final decision.
  7. AwazCDS-Pakistan reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reason at any stage before physical release of the bid items. In that case pay order/demand draft/amount received by AwazCDS-Pakistan will be returned to the bidder.
  8. Employees of AwazCDS-Pakistan and their relatives are not eligible to offer bids for any of the bid items
  9. Bidder are required to check the status of bid items carefully and no request shall be entertained after the auction time.
  10. Transfer letter for bid items will be issued only with the name of successful bidder with the maximum validity of 20 days
  11. Possession and ownership of bid items will be transferred to successful bidder as per attached CNIC with prescribed bid form
  12. Sale is strictly subject to As is Where is Basis
  13. The bidder shall bear all such costs associated with his/ her participation in auction, and AwazCDS will in no case be responsible or liable for such costs.
  14. All the procedural requirements must ‘be undertaken in accordance with all relevant rules, regulations and statutes currently enforced in Pakistan.
  15. Conditional offer will not be acceptable
  16. All bids will be valid for 60 days
  17. Acknowledgement statement must be required on legal paper in form of affidavit duly attested by oath commissioner

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AWAZCDS Auction Notice Dossier 2017