Program/Project Assessment

  • Awaz Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services-National Secretariat of Ujala Network initiated a process of doing an evaluation of Ujala Network through an online monkey survey to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Network. Ujala Network was established in late 2016 and it is serv[...]
  • This report is a summary of a baseline survey of selected civil society organisations (CSOs) in Pakistan’s Sindh and Punjab provinces. The survey was designed to address specific criteria and requirements outlined in the NWO WOTRO Call for Proposals in 2011. The data presented in this report was col[...]
  • This study was undertaken by Rutgers WPF as part of its UFBR program in order to measure the outcome after a period of two years of conducting activities related to this initiative. The main objective of undertaking this Outcome Measurement activity in Multan and Quetta was to provide the local team[...]
  • Life Skills Based Education Programme in Pakistan An Evaluation 2006 - 2010 An assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the life skills based education (LSBE); a flag ship project of WPF (2006‐2010). The evaluation involved an in depth analysis of the[...]
  • The value chain assessment aimed at identification of potential beneficiaries, alternative livelihoods and infrastructural projects needed in the target villages in the aftermath of 2010 floods, with special focus on women. The study focused on rapid assessment of existing livelihoods of p[...]