• ASK aims to target young people between the ages 10-24 years, especially adolescent girls and marginalized youth groups like sexual, ethnic or religious minorities, people with disabilities, sex workers, and young people living with HIV (YPLHIV). This Programme will maximize the uptake of services b[...]
  • women and reproductive health initiative District Multan and Muzaffargarh, are among the areas where poverty incidences are extremely high and community development work by either government or development agencies did not get attention over the last 60 years or so. Less than half of people in both [...]
  • AWAZ started its Social Mobilization Project in September 2009 in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. The project aimed at mobilizing the vulnerable and marginalized communities of 176 poorest of the poor villages of District Multan for their greater and active participation in com[...]
  • Title: “Unite for Body Rights (UFBR)” locally given name “Parwan”. Duration: 2011-2015 Main objective and deliverables: During the successful implementation of Program of Hamara Kal, Awaz initiated a new program “Unite For Body Rights (UFBR)” in District Multan to contribute towards improving b[...]
  • Awaz Foundation – Pakistan with the help of its Funding Partner Care International is initiating a project to enhance socio-economic development in Punjab, focusing on youth and rural women. Awaz Foundation will implement this project as it is leading community development non-governmental organizat[...]
  • PEFSA-IV is designed to address the acute food security situation and unmet needs in flood affected areas of 2011 and 2012. More specifically, project will assist 2012 floods affected districts with cash provisions, mainly conditional cash grants and cash for work, to cover immediate food needs, pro[...]
  • Educating Girls Transforming Communities (EGTC) Project is being implemented by AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services in district Muzaffargarh. The project is focused on all girls high, middle schools & 7% girls’ primary schools of district Muzaffargarh. The ultimate goal of[...]
  • The year 2010-11 was very difficult year for communities of South Punjab, as they faced one of the history's worst floods. During the reporting period, a total of 75 male and 62 female flood-affected Vaseb Development Committees (VDCs) re-established their offices and revived their functionality par[...]