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  • AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services (AWAZCDS-Pakistan) has been acknowledged with Humanitarian Excellence Award 2010 for its entire efforts and contributions for the relief and early recovery of the flood victims in Southern Punjab. The Humanitarian Excellence Award & Appre[...]
  • Dr. Nasira Jabeen is Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Institute of Administrative Sciences as well as the Human Resources Development Centre at the University of the Punjab, Lahore. She has a Post Doctorate from the University of Texas, Austin, USA in Gender and Governance and [...]
  • Maqbool A. Babri, popularly known as Max Babri, is the Chief Executive of “The Konsultants” a Lahore based Management Consulting Group. He specializes in Institutional Development through Participatory Decision-Making, Interpersonal Skills Team Building, Leadership and Individual Empowerment. His ex[...]
  • Mohammad Zia-ur-Rehman is the Founder and Chief Executive of AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services (AWAZCDS-Pakistan) - commonly known as AWAZ, a leading national NGO in Pakistan working for securing the future of marginalized communities especially women. He did post-graduation [...]
  • He obtained his Masters degree in Psychology from Government College Lahore as well as Masters in Philosophy from Punjab University Lahore in 1969. Later he did Bachelor in Law (LLB) from Law College University of Punjab Lahore. He remained as Head of Psychology and Sociology Departments in B. Z. Un[...]
  • He is PhD in Philosophy and he remained served as teacher for more than 15 years in different educational institutions. He is an academic philosopher poet and writer. His book on ”Concepts of Human Dignity in the works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz” has been well received in related circles. His paper on “Phil[...]
  • After starting her professional career as a human rights activist in 1999, Syeda Mujeeba Batool has worked at progressively on different positions in national and international development sector organization since the last 12 years. Her experience has been concentrated in programme planning, develo[...]
  • He is a unique person in development sector with a vast experience in private and government sector. He is Masters in Business Administration since 1980. He is considered an expert in water and sanitation sector. He has an experience of working with UNICEF –Quetta, Government of Balochistan, USIAD, [...]