Author archives: Ishfaq Khalil

  • Awaz is a Multan based organization, working in Multan, Vehari, Alipur, Taunsa, Kot Addu, and Janpur. It has organizational chart and job descriptions are available in written form. Awaz was originally and continues to be a rights based organization advocating for rights. However, fol[...]
  • Hudood Qawaneen, Naqais-o-Tabsira: (Hudood laws, flaws and discussion) is an Urdu publication. The topic focused in this 12 page booklet is very sensitive to be discussed, especially where people have no information about human rights, and very limited knowledge of religion, that comes out from a Mu[...]
  • This study was conducted by AWAZCDS-Pakistan to understand the socio-economic and political situation of PATA areas in southern districts of D G Khan and Rajan Pur in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The study was initially conducted in 2005 and it was published in English. I hope your organization [...]
  • Research Study on Extent and Dynamic of Punchayat System and its Impact on Marginalized Communities in Southern Punjab People in rural communities of Pakistan experience a locally available, non-formal way of justice system, which is called Punchayat / Jirga. It is considered as economical source o[...]